Common questions

Got a question? It might have been asked before and been included in the list below. If you would like more information or have a different question then please drop me an email.

  • Why do I need a website?

    A web site allows you to showcase your products or services to potential customers and clients all over the world. You can include text, images, photos, sound and video and link to other websites and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Most people now use the Internet to research and find products and services, if you are not on the web then you are missing out!

  • What is a domain name?

    Domain name refers to the "address" of your website on the Internet. Every website, computer and device connected to the Internet has to have an address so that it can send and receive information. These addresses are actually a set of numbers (e.g. but for ease of use domain names are used (e.g. as they are easier to read and remember. Computers called Domain Name Servers (DNS) convert the domain name into the internet address so that the messages sent to and from computers can be sent to the right destination.

  • What about email?

    Email (Electronic mail) allows you to send messages over the Internet to other users in much the same way that the postal service works. When you send an email you include the address of the recipient (e.g. The message is then routed over the Internet and the person receiving the message can open and read the message when they download it from the Internet. You can include attachments with the message so you can send people documents and images. You will be able to have several email addresses with your website for you to use that will reflect your website address, so if your website is you will be able to have several different email addresses like or\r\n\r\nEmail is a very important tool and there are many different ways that it can be set up to support your working practices and procedures, such as automatically forwarding messages to another address and mailing lists for keeping in touch with customers and clients. We can advise you on the best way for you to use email, set up your computers and can give training if needed.

  • How much is it going to cost me?

    It is impossible to publish prices as every site is different, and I don't publish "deals" or "special offers" and then add lots of extras to greatly increase the fee once the project progresses!

    Most of the sites I create cost between £500 to £900. As a guide a 5 page site with no complex coding required will cost around £500 (hosting fees are not included). Sometimes there may be additional fees as a project progresses, for extra pages or graphic work requested by the client, but I always try to incorporate this work into the agreed fee so generally the quoted price is all that you will pay. More complex projects, such as bespoke content management systems, PHP programming or lots of photo work will obviously cost more than simple sites but I will always do my best to keep your costs down.

    What I do promise is that I will try to beat any genuine quote from other reputable web designers or companies out there!

  • Why are your fees so low?

    I think that the prices I charge fairly represent the time and work involved in creating your site. I am not in the business of blinding people with technobabble or making out that something is much more complicated than it actually is or "finding" problems requiring lots more work halfway through a project! Modern software and technology is much easier to use than in the early years of the Internet and so makes creating web content much quicker, this is reflected in the pricing. I have also built up over the years portfolios of code, images and little tips and tricks that speed up the whole development cycle further helping to keep costs down.

    All work is carried out to the highest standard using award winning software by a qualified and experienced software and web developer. The hosting is top quality with 99.9% up time and fast technical support response.

    You may be paying less but you don't get a second rate service.

  • How long will it take?

    It is hard to give specifics due to the differing amount of work that each site requires and what the workload is at any one time but I aim to have the site ready to launch in about 6 weeks from the payment of the deposit. I have found that the biggest cause for delay is the client providing the images and copy for the site late or changing their requirements halfway through the project. To try to avoid this I provide a timeline of when I will require any content from the client and really try to get the design specification right before I start work.

  • What deposit is required and when is the balance due?

    A non-refundable deposit of 30% of our fee is required before any work begins as well as the cost of buying any domain name(s), hosting, software or other expenses that will be  incurred in the set up of the site.

    A completion date will be agreed with you when the design specification is written, 30% of the remaining fee is due halfway through the project with the final 40% due  on completion day. If the site content has been provided to us we will launch the site when all outstanding invoices and any expenses are paid. If the content has not been provided by the client, or has been provided too late for inclusion, the final fee is still due on the agreed completion day and we will launch the site as soon as we are able to include the clients content. The design specification will state the latest date that the content can be provided to us so that it is included in the site for the launch.

  • How can we pay?

    You can either send a bank transfer or pay via PayPal, although as we operate with small margins to keep our prices low PayPal transactions incur a surcharge of 5% towards the fees that they charge us. You can also pay by cheque but this delays the development as we have to wait for each cheque to clear before work is carried out. You can also pay by cash, but it is sent to us at your own risk (if you live close enough drop it in and have a cup of tea!).

  • Can I buy hosting and upload my own site?

    Of course. When your hosting is set up you will be access to cPanel, the dashboard that controls your hosting and email. You have complete control over all aspects of the hosting.

  • How much webspace do I get?

    For a site designed and adminsitered by us we will make sure that you have enough web space and bandwidth to keep your site going. There may be an additional fee if your site becomes so large or busy that we have to considerably increase your allowance, we would of course discuss the best options for you should this happen. For those who are just paying for hosting the bandwidth is unlimited and you get the amount of web space that your plan allows. Upgrades are available at competitive rates.

  • What about MySql, PHP etc

    Our hosting supports MySql, PHP and a variety of other web scripting languages. All our plans come with at least one MySql database so you can run online web apps. For further information about these services please get in touch.

  • Can you work with my existing site?

    Yes! If you already have a site that you are happy with but would like someone to take over the day to day maintenance, updates and search engine optimisation then I can help. I can work with the design and content that you already have and add to or enhance the content for you. I have experience in using the design software used by companies such as GoDaddy and 1and1.